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You're Cute When Jealous (Momiji Sohma x Reader)
"Y/N, Y/N! Look at me! Look at me!" Momiji shouted at his girlfriend whilst she was talking to a friend of hers; a guy friend. Akihiko Hanari, the most beautiful, charismatic and attractive in their year and he also happened to be Y/N's best friend which made Momiji burn with jealousy. So this situation was something Y/N had become used to because it happened every single day of school.
"So anyway about the date..."
Wait, what?
Momiji stilled immediately. Was Y/N cheating on him?
To Momiji it made sense. Lately she had been spending less time with him and when she was spending time with him she wasn't really there, she didn't pay attention to him. So maybe she had lost interest. He could understand.
But that didn't make him feel any less heartbroken. The love of his life didn't love him back. She loved someone else.
Momiji then turned and walked away not caring if she noticed him missing.
"Momiji please get up."
"No, my life is over," his voice was muffled under the cover
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(Belgium x Reader) - My Angel on Earth
You smile as you lightly tap the eraser of your pencil against the blank paper, watching the girl in front of you. You’re mesmerized completely by the way that her emerald eyes have brightened, the Belgian baking something for the two of you to share.
Inspiration strikes almost instantly as you keep your gaze centered on her, finding something in the way that she looks so incredibly happy to be doing something so simple as baking for you amazingly beautiful. Your pencil traces sharp lines and curves, you only taking your eyes off of her to make sure the shapes are falling into place.
They are, of course, as you have been drawing your entire life and are pretty good at it if you do say so yourself. All your friends agree with that sentiment, so you don’t see anything wrong with being proud of your work.
Bella starts humming something while you draw and you get lost in the simple, yet enchanting melody. You continue to draw the shapes that are turning into a beautiful drawing
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Dylan Vencera
Credit here:…

Dylan Viscera

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Personality:  Incredibly Sensitive he has a need to seek approval but is very sweet and a good listener he is confident some days and others well those other days he stays home,

Theme song: Let me be myself by 3 doors down


Extra: He is a Transvestite and has always felt more comfortable in female clothes, He use to wear skirts however that changed to bell bottom pants after he hand a problem with bullies pulling up his skirt as he was growing up.


He has spent his whole life staying in his own head, He always looked for approval and acceptance but even as a child he knew he was way too different to ever be truly accepted by anyone but his beloved older sister who raised him from seven when his parents decided they wanted to travel more than they wanted to raise him. He never blamed them he understood that they were older and wanted to live their dreams. However being desperate for approval has gotten him the habit of allowing people to treat him however they wanted to treat him much to his sister’s dismay.

Anyone interested in a long rp? I am feeling like I want to do a romance/ fluff/ the other person's choice
Ben Johnson

Name: Ben Alexander Johnson

Alias: Benny

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Height: 5’5”

Nationality: American

Skin Tone: Ivory

Eye Color: Lilac

Hair/Fur Color: light brown

Voice: kind of soft and slightly high pitched

Personality: Kind, shy, brave, and easily embarrassed, modest

Species: human

Birthday: February 21, 1999

Theme Song:

Zodiac: pieces

Alive/Dead: Alive

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Store clerk (Payless)

Weapons: None

Powers/Abilities: None

Father: Unknown

Alive/Dead: N/A

Mother: Kayla Nichole Johnson

Alive/Dead: Alive

Siblings: None

Alive/Dead: N/A

Pets:  None

Romantic Orientation: Homosexual

Sexual Orientation: homosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Partner: None

Children: None

Bio: Thrown out of his Mother’s home at the age of 15 he was couch surfing for a while until he finally got a job and soon after an apartment now he lives a happy life on his own.



Venom42's Profile Picture
Brandy Lee
United States
I love to read I'm a night person with a bad temper and I cant stand the thought of killing Innocent animals
Ok so lately I've been so bored with everything but I wanna Rp really badly so if you wanna rp with me comment below and list what kind
here are my main ones: 
left 4 dead
Rarely smut
and any others if you wanna combine some just put what ones thanks



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Well my rules are I don't really do smut unless I am comfortable with said person and I do prefer the style where its like "Kyle sighed as he looked out the window his blue eyes traced the rain drops that ran down the window" and it can be one to paragraph. But that is a preferance not a rule 
What are your rules and I am okay to multiple types or Rps but I do like to have romance mixed with it
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