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A Walk (Teen!Sirius Black X Teen!Reader)
You sighed as James once again tried desperately to get Lily’s attention. You could see Lily struggling to escape from him, and attempted to help your cousin.
“Oi Potter! Would you leave Lily alone?” You called out to him. You were sitting on the couch in the Gryffindor common room, watching as James flirted shamelessly with Lily. James glanced at you, his eyes dancing with amusement.
“Not a chance Evans!” He hollered back. You looked again at your cousin, who was staring at the floor dejectedly. You slowly stood up, stretched, and started to walk over to where Lily was getting harassed.
You snuck up behind James and pressed your wand lazily to his throat.
“Potter, would you please leave her alone?” You asked, a bored tone in your voice. Potter turned to look at you, his eyes glinted mischievously.
“__y/n__, you wound me. I don’t hear Evans protesting any.” He said before glancing back at Lily. Her hair shielded her face and s
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Water Balloon(Weasley Twins X Reader X Lee Jordan)
“Bloody hell Fred!” You shouted angrily. It was Saturday, and you had just come back from the library with a stack of books. You were currently standing in the middle of the Gryffindor common room, dripping wet. Fred had decided to launch a water balloon war with Lee and George, and you just happened to walk in when Fred threw a particularly large one.
“Madam Pince is going to murder me.” You moaned when you saw that every single book was splattered with water.
“Oh, sorry __y/n__...” Fred said nervously, hoping you wouldn’t be too angry with him (you were damn scary when you were mad). You pinched the bridge of your nose, trying to keep your calm and not hex him into oblivion.
Without a word, you trudged through the common room and into the dormitory so you could change out of your clothes, and plan your revenge on Fred.
~Time Skip~
“Hey Fred.” You said cheerfully when you saw him in the Great Hall the next morning. Fred looked at y
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2p America x Panic Attack! Chubby Reader
2p America x Chubby Reader
~Warnings: Contains lemon, after care and panic attacks~
It was one of those nights when the tanned American was desperate, and there was nothing you could do when his large hands would begin to wander your body. His tan hands groping and embracing every curve and crevasse of your body, leaving no stretch mark unloved or side rolls pinched. With his mouth devouring your plump lips, he began to fumble and unbuckle his belt desperate to relief the restricting clothes from his growing bulge. 
You began to undress yourself, desperate for release of the built up attention from the long day you both spent together. You reached behind your back to unclasp your bra, only to hand his hands stop you. His ruby red eyes staring into your orbs, a silent order demanded from you to which you responded immediately by crawling onto the large bed on your hands and knees. You both being so in sync with each others ne
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Brandy Lee
United States
I love to read I'm a night person with a bad temper and I cant stand the thought of killing Innocent animals
Ok so lately I've been so bored with everything but I wanna Rp really badly so if you wanna rp with me comment below and list what kind
here are my main ones: 
left 4 dead
Rarely smut
and any others if you wanna combine some just put what ones thanks



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